Community Built

we locked the 40% of the total supply to pancake and threw away the keys! The remaining 40% was burned to Changpeng Zhao.

Automatic Liquidity Pool

4% of every transaction automatically adds to the liquidity on Pancake Swap. Benefiting long term for $MKAT holders the most!


4% of every transaction is taken and re-distributed to moonkat holders in $BNB

Safe & Secure

All initial liquidity provided have been locked. The contract owner has been renounced, leaving the contract trustless for the MoonKat community.

RFI Static Rewards

2% of every transaction is taken and re-distributed to all $MKAT holders. The burn address is also a holder thus each transaction helps deflate the supply.


Total Supply: 1 Quadrillion $MKAT (Hungry Kats)
40% burned supply
40% locked in liquidity
10% presale / marketing
10% community reserve
MoonKat NFTS

Our superb use case enables all kitty lovers to mint unique NFTS for their pets, print and wear on their cats. These Cards can be further traded on the platform.

The Kitty Foundation

We are neither blind nor ignorant to the harsh treatments given to kitties worldwide, especially physically deformed kitties , we believe every kitty is unique in its own way. Your funds will go to the different feline charities world wide



  • We prepared the main features and completed the R&D

  • Airdrop / seed

    Launch app

    Coingecko /coinmarket cap listing

    $BNB Reward pool launch

  • CEX listing

    MoonKat NFT

  • Marketing & partnerships

    MoonKat event



4% of every transaction is taken and re-distributed to moonkat holders in $BNB. $MKAT holders can claim their BNB at the end of their weekly cycle.

You can collect the amount of the BNB based on the ratio of $MKAT you hold/the total BNB pool. For example, you hold 0.5% of $MKAT, you can withdraw 0.5% of the BNB reward pool.

It will be distributed right into your wallet, after you claim

Liquidity providers' tokens will be counted as 2x their normal pool size, when distributing BNB.

The community reserve would be used to make future developments e.g CEX listing as decided by the community

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